The 3 Reasons Why Tourist Love Education

turisWhen it comes to exploring the effectiveness of education in the domain of travelling and tourism then this aspect becomes more obvious that tourist also loves education to a certain extent. This is because of the reason that education has become an important source for most of the tourist who belong to this modern era. With the help of education, tourism field has been extended in the best possible way and at the same time, travelers and tourists have found new ways of entertainment through education. In addition, this is a new notion which indicates that tourist already loves education because of so many reasons.

Considering the significance of education in the area of tourism or travelling, one should keep an eye on these 3 amazing facts that suggest tourist love education practically. These 3 fantastic or mind-blowing reasons are mentioned as following:

Reason # 1: Tourists obtain awareness about travelling destinations

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4 Cost Effective Ways Of Continuing Your Education

educationIn this era of advanced and fierce competition the cost of living along with accommodation has become so much expensive. As a result people are unable to attain cost effective or inexpensive education because they have to spend lot of money on their other important expenses. For that reason, they are not able to obtain high quality education. Considering the importance of education in the lives of many people there are 4 most beneficial and cost effective ways mentioned through which students can attain advance level of education successfully.

These 4 cost effective ways are described as follows:

1. YouTube:

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Ten Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

25As physical security is an important aspect of information security (it is one of the 10 domains on the CISSP exam), I am often asked for “interesting” physical security advice. I decided to share the following tips, because, while there is plenty of safety advice on the Internet, these ten suggestions seem to be not well known, even though they may be highly beneficial with little tradeoff when applied correctly. Not all of them apply to everyone or in every situation, but, in some cases, they could save your life or the life of someone else whom you love:

1.    Keep your car keys on your night table. If like millions of Americans, your key-fob contains a panic alert button, and your car is in range of your bedroom, pressing the panic button will cause the horn to blast and the headlights to flash — potentially saving lives during a home invasion by scaring criminals away, alerting neighbors to the fact that an emergency situation is unfolding, and helping police to more quickly find your home.

2.    Set the home address on your GPS to an address (or fake address) near your home, but not to your actual home address. If someone breaks into your car while you are away from home, you don’t want him or her robbing your home or calling friends in your area to do so. Of course, your address may appear on paperwork in the car as well – but those are less likely than electronics to get swiped during a quick break-in. (Ideally, one should always lock a glove compartment, but doing so can be a pain.) Also, make sure that you have remote wipe capabilities set up for your smartphone – which likely has your home address along with other more sensitive information on it – so that if it is stolen you can erase its contents.

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Sustainability is Destroying the Earth

24Don’t talk to me about sustainability.  You want to question my lifestyle, my impact, my ecological footprint?  There is a monster standing over us, with a footprint so large it can trample a whole planet underfoot, without noticing or caring.  This monster is Industrial Civilization.  I refuse to sustain the monster.  If the Earth is to live, the monster must die.  This is a declaration of war.

What is it we are trying to sustain?  A living planet, or industrial civilization?  Because we can’t have both.

Somewhere along the way the environmental movement – based on a desire to protect the Earth, was largely eaten by the sustainability movement – based on a desire to maintain our comfortable lifestyles.  When did this happen, and why?  And how is it possible that no-one noticed?

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Teaching Students to Preserve the Environment

23Every year on April 22 people across the globe take part in Earth Day. Communities, governments, and schools acknowledge that our earth needs to be preserved and protected. This year more than a billion people will take part in Earth Day by getting involved and participating in Earth Day activities.

Here are a few activities and ideas to teach your students about preserving our earth, while learning about our beautiful planet.

Endangered Earth

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